South Estonia is one of the most endlessly fascinating regions in the world, where opportunities never seem to end. We have more culture than you can imagine! It’s surrounded by wonderful unspoilt nature, welcoming hosts and comfy soft beds to relax in.

Of course, you can not only relax here, but also spend quality time as your soul desires. Activities are on offer both on land and on water. It’s also possible to escape here to work remotely, as we have plenty of well-established places to do so. And, of course, that tongue-lashing local food… Taste is one of the most important things our guests always remember first.

Come alone, with two or with your family. We’ve got room here!

Jõgeva County

The traces of the ancient Kalevipoja and the enchanting landscapes of Vooremaa await you in Jõgevamaa. Enjoy unforgettable nature experiences in Endla Nature Reserve, where every hill and lake hides a fascinating story.

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Võru County

An astonishingly diverse and unspoilt wilderness. Hiking trails, where you are more likely to meet a reinuvadera on a midday walk than another person.

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Põlva County

In Põlva County, you will find yourself surrounded by enchanting forests and green landscapes, where peace and pure natural beauty offer unforgettable experiences.

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Valga County

Valgamaa – Estonia’s southern gateway – offers a wide range of experiences, from the special character of the twin towns and beautiful lakes to exciting hiking trails and local cultural heritage. It’s all waiting to be discovered!

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Tartu County

Tartu, the largest city in South Estonia and the surrounding region, will delight you every year with its colourful culture, enchanting nature and diverse recreational opportunities.

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Where every sense is touched

Hot campfire in the smoke sauna, dark fir-trees, folk tales, swamp mats wet from the rain, wreaths woven from field flowers, Seto dances, fishing on mirror-like lakes, the smell of fresh carp, the smell of sauna meat, summer thunderstorms, the walls of a log cabin that has seen generations, the pine forest, the clear starry nights, the fresh dew of summer mornings, peace and happiness… Come and get to know us!


How would Southern Estonia teas taste like?

Made for remote work

We have great telecommuting opportunities in every region. This is the case in Tartu, Onion, Elva, Otepää and between the streams in Jõgeva County.

Those in our furthest corners of the country are now very well brought together: the parties offering teleworking opportunities in Põlva, Võru and Valgamaa are brought together by Kupland. Whether it’s a shared office, a cosy café or a farmhouse in the countryside, you’re sure to find the right place for you or your team to focus on what matters.