KapsaFest in the courtyard of Palamuse Museum

Palamuse Museum invites you to take part in KapsaFest, which will take place in the museum's beautiful courtyard already in September.

The second Äksi [eel]opinion festival will take place in a month’s time

The talks at the [eel]festival of opinion in Äksi will address issues ranging from recycling in the tourism sector, to environmentally sustainable event management, to how nature has inspired man to create.

Saturday’s Onion Lake Buffet Day pays homage to the fish of Lake Peipsi

This Saturday, the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 will lead the way to the shores of Lake Peipsi, where 22 yards and gardens from the Onion Road will open their doors.

Kolkja Gorge becomes Kolkja village hike

A metamorphosis of a traditional event will take place on Sunday in the Sibulet region on the shores of Lake Peipsi.

Tartu thanks conference organisers

Tuesday, 6.

Estonian Land Museum presents “The Beastly Washing Machine” at Tourest

Estonian Road Museum participates 8.

Grand opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture year

The European Capital of Culture year in Tartu and South Estonia kicks off on 26 January at 19:00 with a grand opening ceremony in the centre of Tartu entitled "All are One!".

Tartu participates in major tourism fairs with South Estonia